about us


Bijelti is a brand of tasty, healthy, innovative snacks and candy that give consumers the freedom to enjoy what they like most without holding back.

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If life is meant to be enjoyed,

why do I have to stop eating what I like in order to take care of myself?


We want to transform the snack industry by providing a deliciously healthy alternative that doesn't leave you feeling like junk afterwards.

We believe that treats and snacks should be an improvement to your day that leave you feeling holistically better! 

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We are a group of friends from Chile who took the liberty to challenge the traditional and do something different. We believe that it is possible to do things better, challenge the norm, and be a local contribution.

We wanted to provide a line of healthy, flavorful and natural products that could be enjoyed guilt-free.

We have been creating and perfecting each product for a while now, but this is just the beginning.

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How many times has it happened that we are celebrating important events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or simply spending an afternoon with friends and eating something that makes us feel like junk?

We believe that these valuable moments shouldn’t be celebrated with boring or overly-processed snacks, rather with flavorful snacks that taste great and make you feel fantastic! 

Life is meant to be enjoyed, we shouldn't have to stop eating what we like in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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